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On Jan. 15,  Grant Shumate  opened his first solo exhibition at  The Underground Museum in Los Angeles titled OUROBOROS and presented by Commonwealth Projects . The show features paintings by Shumate, as well as three collaborative performances with several artists, such as  Paz Lenchantin , The Garden , Alex Knost , Alrik Yuill , Dane Peterson , and  Kayla Varley .

Nike Air Max Shake Evolve Outlet Online, Really what all this started from was me being studio-less, and I couldn’t play with paint like I had before, so these paintings traveled with me everywhere, Shumate  told  Art Info . The process was dictated by the fact that I had nowhere to put them. That process involved the artist printing video stills, painting over them, making photocopies, repainting, resizing, sanding, and manipulating the images in various other ways before the artworks could be considered complete. It’s a process of removal, he explained. Any context they originally had was gone so it’s just left with this vague, ethereal image.

The gallery says that exhibition was designed so that the 15 paintings would become set dressings for the performances: EAST (Jan. 15), SOUTH/WEST (Jan. 28), and NORTH (Feb. 15). The Ouroboros, also known as the tail-devouring snake, is a symbol for eternity and the cycle of life, a theme that connects the work in Shumate's show. The performances take organization from  Native American sacred hoops and represent life's stages while also being linked to the paintings.

2016 Nike Lunar Force 1 Low"Splatter"Pack Navy Speckle Womens Shoes Midnight Navy-White 654256-402, Nike Air Max Shake Evolve Outlet Online The exhibition will also feature a pop-up shop curated by  Jay Carroll of One Trip Pass that features products from The Elder Statesman , Total Luxury Spa books, Mateo and Brittany , and ESP Records .  For a more in-depth explanation of the performances and his process, check out Shumate's interview with Art Info and head to The Underground Museum's website .

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