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Everyone has a look and each one carries a different reputation with it. Years ago, it was more prominent: you were either a rebel or a mainstream sheep. But as i-D writes , the menswear world is no longer this black or white, insider or outsider, mainstream or James Dean place. It's a much more segmented world, fam. Of course, this comes as a function of how much society has evolved in the past five decades or so, but also how much more expansive the fashion industry has become.

Nike Roshe Run Hyperfuse Outlet Online, Wouldn't you know it, people aren't the same as they were in the '50s. Technology and social media are now real life actual things. The bi-product of us evolving as people means that our fashion has evolved too. Sure, Saint Laurent does the mod rocker look pretty well, but that's not the type of subculture were getting at. It's more about brands we tend to side-eye and laugh about that have driven this broader definition of menswear: the Hood By Airs, Off-Whites, Gareth Pughs and Gosha Rubchinskiys of the world. I suppose the point is that menswear is broader than ever and more and more segments of the community are being reached than ever before, in turn allowing more and more people to define themselves as they see fit. They did not have these opportunities 20 years ago. The boundaries no longer exist. Or, if they do, they've become more defined.

2016 Nike Lunar Force 1 Low Mens Shoes Beige Red 654256-602 Online Cheap Sale, While this piece touches on a recent revolution, it also points to the larger concept. The idea that everyone can dress the way they please without extreme barriers is a noble one, and one that we often take for granted. We are living in as close to a fashion utopia as there has ever been. More groups are represented than ever and that number will hopefully only continue to grow. So, take a minute out of your day and give thanks.

Nike Roshe Run Hyperfuse Outlet Online

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AFOM is currently working on Crazy For The Boys, an upcoming full-length musical dramedy with an anti-bullying theme! This film will feature a modern-day Spice Girls group that is destined to take over the pop charts!

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Our target audience is tween girls. This demographic is easier to reach than any other time in history as the current crop of tweens are the first generation ever to grow up in a “mature social media” environment. Today’s kids are media savvy which has created the perfect convergence of “the world getting smaller while the market becomes bigger.”


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