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In the last few weeks, Kim Kardashian and  LOVE  magazine have released photos from the reality star's (NSFW) shoot from Issue 13. Some were also leaked . Now, the interview has surfaced online, and it's just as interesting as the photos themselves. 

Nike Air Force 1 Outlet Online, In the cover story, Kim says it was Kendall who introduced her to  LOVE 's editor-in-chief, Katie Grand , who styled the entire risqué ( and controversial ) editorial shot by photographer Steven Klein . Despite promising she'd never pose nude again back in 2010 , Kim admits that she was okay with showing off her assets. "I like nudity," she says. "Kanye always says, 'Dress sexier'—he's always most encouraging."

She also talks about how Kanye influenced her personal style and even credits him for all the style risks she's taken since they started dating. "He is my best stylist," she says. " I'd never  spent time in London or Paris or seen what style was like around the world, so he wanted to bring stylists from all over the place just to update my look. And they brought in things like snakeskin that I had never seen before."  She also addresses the time  Kanye raided her closet : "I was obsessed with glitter, rhinestone heels and the kind of clothes I now laugh at, and he threw them all out. I said, ' Well I’m going to save them for my daughter one day.' And he said, ' Well if it’s going to be our daughter, she’s never going to wear those!'" To be fair, why would North when she has all these custom designer pieces ?

Nike Air Force 1 Outlet Online Kim also says that despite what people think, Kanye isn't controlling. "To my fans, they saw this new guy come in and clean out my closet and they thought that was a sign of him being controlling," she says. " But it wasn’t that at all. He made me love fashion so much more. Because now I want to find pieces that you can’t find everywhere. I almost want vintage now whereas I didn’t like vintage before." To her,  "it's been a great education."

Oh, and for the record, Kim's butt is all natural. "No I did not," she says about whether or not she has butt implants. "I never did. And actually my butt is not that big." 

Nike Cortez, LOVE  magazine Issue 13 officially hits newsstands on Feb. 9. Before you run out to grab a copy, we've compiled all of the confirmed photos of Kim—and sisters Kendall and Kylie , who also appear in the mag—below. Check them out; just try not to look at them at work. 

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