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RIP SkyMall, we hardly (re: never) knew (re: bought from) ye. At this point, you have all probably heard that the most venerable airline-based publication in the world, SkyMall, is filing for bankruptcy . What could have possibly happened in the world to force a company that bases its entire business model on travelers making impulse purchases on a fucking airplane to potentially go out of business? Not enough people must have a desperate need for a flask hidden inside of a neck tie. Or a breathalyzer attachment for your iPHone. Maybe they stopped letting alcoholics onto airplanes?

Nike Cortez Anti-Fur Outlet Online, Did you guys know that the founder of SkyMall first envisioned the company delivering your in-air purchases at your landing gate? That shit would've been LIT. I bet at one point he's looked at his brainchild's bankruptcy and thought, I wanted same day shipping and now I'm losing to a company with unmanned aerial vehicles and two-day shipping . Or, you know, he sold the company for around $47 million and probably spends his days Scrooge McDucking into bearer bonds.

SkyMall blames the rise of the cellphone and presence of WiFi on flights as key conspirators in the plot to murder their market share. Evidently, people are more interested in 99 cent apps and not 340 dollar kitty litter robots . Even with a website full of crap and revenues of $33.7 million, SkyMall can no longer compete for your attention or your wallet. I'm shocked that the company is going out of business, but more shocked that it actually had almost thirty four million dollars in sales. That’s why the rest of the world hates America. The company also notes changes in FAA regulations allowing you to use your electronic devices during takeoff and landing as hastening their decline. But yeah fucking right, we've all been listening to music the minute we touch down since they invented the fucking Walkman. Personally, I'm trying to get off as many fire tweets as possible before they try and make me pay for Internet.

Cheap Nike Kyrie 1 2015 Green Black Basketball Shoes Sale, Nike Cortez Anti-Fur Outlet Online So, let us all fondly remember SkyMall. Forever in our hearts. The Bed, Bath & Beyond of the sky.

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