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A-1 Kutz,  a barber shop in Georgia, is offering free embarrassing haircuts to children to help parents discipline them. 

Nike Lunar Outlet Online, The very unorthodox, but hilarious, punishment comes in the form of a grown-up haircut. Barber  Russell Fredrick   shaves the top of the  child's head until said child starts to look like an old man. Said child may also end up having a hairline worse than LeBron James'. The hideous cut is punishment for kids who, as Fredrick writes on his Instagram , wana act grown, adding, that now they can look grown too.  

The child in the photo above was Fredrick's first customer—outside his own family, at least; he tested the punishment on his son after his grades plummeted last year—to get what he refers to as the The Benjamin Button Special . Since posting the image, though, parents have been reaching out to Fredrick about the haircut, the  Washington Post  reports. 

Nike Lunar Outlet Online The feedback on the haircut was so overwhelming that just days later the child's haircut was corrected. However, according to the follow-up Gram , the lil man says he's learned his lesson.  

Nike Heels, [ via Washington Post ]

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