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Let's cut straight to the fucking chase. The past day or so has been a whirlwind of rumors and news about Kanye's upcoming collaboration with Adidas. First and foremost there was the the announcement of Adidas' new app , Confirmed, meant to ease the reservation process for everyone (read: NYC residents) looking to cop the most hyped release in recent memory. But that's where the on the record confirmation ends. Almost immediately following Confirmed's launch, a menswear buyer for Antwerp's Renaissance named Rahmon Ehlen posted an Instagram photo of what appeared to be an official invitation to an Adidas x Kanye event during NYFW/NBA All Star Weekend. It's since been removed, but here's what it looked like . Event rumors were all but confirmed by someone close to the Kanye camp . So, February 12th is now officially, if not completely unofficially, the de facto Kanye x Adidas whatever the fuck time slot.

Nike x Fragment Design Sock Dart Outlet Online, Then, just a bit ago, the mysterious yeezy.supply website popped up. It's vague and doesn't really say anything and kind of looks like a prop from the set of  LOST , but almost definitely is a doomsday clock counting down to 4pm on February 12th, the same day as the supposed event *Sarah Koenig voice*. In all likelihood, that's the time that Kanye will unveil something . Whatever it is, everyone is paying rapt attention.

Our multiple requests to Adidas to confirm details were not answered, but a variety of off the record sources who wish to stay anonymous back up the initial invite email and link the countdown website to Yeezy himself. We've got our eyes and ears open and will update you as we can. Either way, it's safe to say that Yeezy season is indeed approaching.

Nike x Fragment Design Sock Dart Outlet Online UPDATE:  There's now a dedicated Kanye West page on adidas.com where you can sign up to receive the most up-to-date information about the upcoming collaboration, officially stylized as Adidas Originals x Kanye West.

UPDATE II:  Yesterday, Kanye himself tweeted out a link to yeezy.supply , confirming its validity. Since it originally surfaced, the site now features a vague video featuring muffled dialogue that appears to be taking place at a factory of some sort. Will the collection be available online right away? Will its launch coincide with the presentation? There are still many more questions to be answered.

UPDATE III: A tweet from Kanye today links to a new yeezy.supply video showing T-shirts with a large number 3 on the back being screen printed. Are these physical Adidas Originals x Kanye West event invites?

UPDATE IV:  It's official, the YEEZY BOOST will be launching on NBA All-Star weekend according to Adidas' Confirmed app , which sent out a notification this morning. And you can see them in the best light yet via Jerry Lorenzo .

Nike x Fragment Design Sock Dart Outlet Online UPDATE V: More updates regarding the release of the YEEZY BOOST: they will officially release this Saturday, Valentine's Day . Locations in New York City that are on the list to receive pairs and are able to be reserved via the Confirmed app are Adidas Originals SoHo shop, along with Foot Locker and Champs. Reportedly, Packer Shoes and Dover Street Market will also receive pairs.

2016 Nike Kyrie 2 Sneakers Black Camouflage Mens Basketball Shoes Online, UPDATE VI: Yesterday, Confirmed sent out a notification that information regarding the YEEZY reservations would be made available in the next two days . Then, on the radio with Ryan Seacrest this morning, Kanye shed some light on the release. Here are the important tidbits: 9,000 pairs will be releasing this Saturday in New York exclusively, Kanye confirmed the rumored $350 price, Thursday's NYFW presentation will be streamed to 40 locations around the world for everyone to see and, perhaps most importantly, the 9,000 initial pairs will not be the only release—Adidas has promised that it will produce more pairs which will be available at a later date. Whether those pairs will be a lower price or of lesser quality hasn't been announced. But hey, YEEZYS FOR EVERYBODY.

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