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ROLL CALL: Who are the divisive, loud, don't give a single fuck, artistic designers in fashion right now? Can you even name more than, say, five? Alright, who you got, fam? Lagerfeld, Galliano, Tom Ford and Hedi Slimane? That's about it. It seems like these days, the fashion circus has died down to a dull roar and,  as  The Cut elaborates , big personalities have been swapped in favor of security, caution and, most of all, profit. Rumors a while back had designers like Hedi Slimane , Tom Ford or Riccardo Tisci taking the helm at Gucci. Instead, the house went with some tried and true homegrown low-key talent in Alessandro Michele .

Nike Air Max 2016 Outlet Online, It's a new age in fashion now and designers just don't throw shade the way they used to. Even when the well-known houses are poaching talent from each other, it isn't the big names leading the charge. Nope, it's the veterans that have worked behind the scenes and proven themselves to be good at their jobs. Veronique Hyland calls it the farm-team approach, similar to how prospects are handled in Major League Baseball. It's all about developed talent and sure bets.

And guess what? It's fucking boring. As Hyland touches on, we all make fun of Karl Lagerfeld for being so wildly out of touch with society , but he's one of the few people in fashion that will actually say something interesting if not controversial. Everyone else is so media trained that it's like they have canned responses rehearsed for everything. It's almost the exact opposite of how society and other industries are moving: DISRUPT. INNOVATE. ETC.

Nike Air Max 2016 Outlet Online Maybe it's because there are simply too many fashion brands out there today and such a open playing field makes it even harder for creative people to stand out. While democratization is usually viewed as a positive, fashion seems to be suffering from the openness on the ground floor and lack of entry barriers in 2015. Then, near the top of the hierarchy, it's even harder for designers to carve out a personality or ruffle a few feathers at a new post after spending years toiling behind the scenes somewhere else.

2016 Nike Free Socfly SD 3.0 Womens Running Shoes Cool Grey On Cheap Sale, It's fantastic to see people work their way up the ladder and be rewarded. I mean, it's what we all want for ourselves after all. But the fashion industry, which used to be full of shock and awe, has become tame in the name of security. What a boring bummer.

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