Board of Directors

Brian J. Lukow

President and Director

Brian Lukow began his professional career on Wall Street. He was a senior vice President of Lehman Brothers from 1984 to 1991 and a managing director of Ladenburg Thalmann from 1992 to 1994. Mr. Lukow was most recently the highly talented co-creator and co-producer of Huckapoo. Prior to that, Mr. Lukow was the co-creator and executive producer of Dream Street, a very successful boy band, and one of the best selling pop music acts in recent years, whose debut album reached number one on the Billboard Magazine Independent charts. The original girl group concept is his creation and is built upon his experience and success with Dream Street and Huckapoo. In addition to his production credits, Mr. Lukow is also an accomplished songwriter. Among Mr. Lukow’s writing credits is the song “Jennifer Goodbye“ which was recorded by Dream Street on its first album; that album went on to sell nearly one million units. Mr. Lukow is a co-writer on five of the original Huckapoo recordings as well. Additionally, Mr. Lukow is the associate producer of the motion picture “The Biggest Fan” starring Chris Trousdale, Cindy Williams, and Pat Morita. From 1994 to 1996 Mr. Lukow was President of Brirock Entertainment, a firm specializing in artist management.

Aimee Ventura O’Brien

Secretary and Director

Aimee Ventura O’Brien has a diverse background in business, including experiences on Wall Street and in the world of architecture.  On Wall Street, Ms. O’Brien traded complex equity derivatives for Credit Suisse and Fidelity Investment. She eventually decided to return to school to become an architect. Since graduating, Ms. O’Brien has worked for two large building envelope firms in New York, learning about the complex design of building skins. Ms. O’Brien holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and business from Skidmore College and a bachelor’s of architecture from NY Institute of Technology. Additionally, she has taken graduate courses at New York University.  Ms. O’Brien as won awards from the American Institute of Architects, Henry Adams Certificate, Robert Jensen Memorial Award, and the Maria Bentel Memorial Thesis Travel Grant.

Brian D. Gold


Brian D. Gold is currently the president and CEO of his family’s business, Sultana Distribution Services, Inc., which is the largest candy re-distributor in the United States, selling to hundreds of wholesalers across the country.  Mr. Gold started with the company in 1975, joining Sultana Crackers, Inc., a company started by his father, Bernard, in 1947, that was predominately a specialty cracker supplier and distributor. The company sold to independent wagon jobbers who then vended the products to bodegas in the Queens, NY region. Seeing the potential to expand the business, Brian began selling additional products, including candy. This venture prompted the company to expand its operation through sales to wholesale distributors.Brian has long been active in the snack industry and considers himself an original member of the New York City Confectionery Club, who named him their Man of the Year for 1978. Mr. Gold was inducted into the Candy Hall of Fame in 2014.