Brian Lukow

CEO & Creator of Crazy For The Boys

Brian Lukow was a Senior Vice President of Investments at Lehman Brothers from 1982 – 1995. During that time, Mr. Lukow specialized in investments in the Entertainment Industry including the takeover of Columbia Pictures by Coca Cola and the acquisition of Universal Pictures by MCA. From 1995 -1996, Mr. Lukow was a Managing Director and wealth management specialist with Ladenburg Thalmann. Mr. Lukow was most recently the highly talented co-creator and co-producer of Huckapoo. Prior to that, Mr. Lukow was the co-creator and Executive Producer of Dream Street, a very successful boy band, and one of the best-selling pop music acts in recent years whose debut album reached # 1 on the Billboard Magazine.

The Groovy Tuesday concept is his creation and is built upon his experience and success with Dream Street and Huckapoo. His group’s songs have appeared in over a dozen Disney TV shows and Disney Channel motion pictures. He was hired as a consultant by Sony Music to help market the Girl Group, Play and worked with Matthew Knowles in establishing the group leading to a RIAA Gold record. In addition to his production credits, Mr. Lukow is also an accomplished songwriter. Among Mr. Lukow’s writing credits is the song “Jennifer Goodbye“ which was recorded by Dream Street on its first album; that album went on to sell nearly one million units.

Mr. Lukow is a co-writer on five of the original Huckapoo recordings as well. Additionally, Mr. Lukow is the Associate Producer of the motion picture “The Biggest Fan” starring Dream Street along with Cindy Williams and Pat Morita. From 1992 to 1996 Mr. Lukow was President of Brirock Entertainment, a firm specializing in artist management. Mr. Lukow is the writer of the film “Crazy For The Boys” and has co-written several of the songs on the soundtrack. Mr. Lukow has been featured in articles in The New York Times, New York Magazine, The New York Daily News and several other publications. In addition Mr. Lukow is a significant contributor to The New York Times bestselling book: Raising a Star: The Parent’s Guide to Helping Kids Break into Theater, Film, Television, or Music by the renowned youth talent agent Nancy Carson.


Discovering Dream Street is one of the flashbulb memories of my life. In under a week, I had begun my own fan-site; an amateur non-for-profit website that functioned as a massive shrine to the band. The members of Dream Street were only a year or two older than their average fan. As such, their fans were rabid in their intensity
Hayley Green – Pop Matters


Our business model is really built around controlling the intellectual property and leveraging this brand called Drama Drama.’
The New York Times


Lukow’s manipulative impulses are swamped by his apparent inability or unwillingness to edit himself before speaking. He can be flattering and impolitic, calculating and flighty, boastful and self-defeating all at once. He is that rare and strangely likable character.
New York Magazine