Coincidence? NOT! Crazy for the Boys tells the story of what happens when five girls, all seniors at J.F.K. High end up in the principal’s office on the same day. Before that, these girls certainly weren’t friends; in fact, their taste in everything from fashion to music to boys was remarkably different.

But that day, something amazing happened. The School Principal, Miss Macy, frustrated by the persistent bullying problem at JFK High, carefully hand-picked five very different girls, who had one thing in common. They were all leaders among their respective peer groups, and in Miss Macy’s eyes, the perfect combination of personalities to run an anti-bullying assembly called SCAB (the Student Campaign Against Bullying). At first, all five girls refused – it seemed so un-cool. However, for independent-minded Mo, it was really an easy decision. “I’ll do it!” she exclaimed. ”. When Veronica inquired: “What are you going to do Mo?” In typical Mo fashion, she replied; “I’ll do what I do”.

Thus, when an impromptu jam session led by Mo worked so well, one by one, the girls decided to run the assembly …together. Amazingly, the five girls surprised everyone when collectively; they break into a song inspired by the anti-bullying theme!

Just when it seems the group is destined for stardom, a love triangle between Sydney, London and the popular star quarterback Jake Roberts threatens to break up the band.

The movie is the perfect teen coming of age dramedy. It completely captures the nuances of high school: teen angst, unrequited love, the mean popular girl, and peer pressure.

The movie features instantly likable pop songs and infectious dancing making it destined to become an essential part of pop culture for generations of teens to come.

Meet The Girls

Rebellious rocker, Sydney is a social outcast at JFK High. Her hardcore punk style seems the appropriate match for her sarcastic, defiant and often hostile attitude. When the popular star quarterback Jake Roberts becomes infatuated with Sydney, the social order at school begins to unravel.

Modern day flower child Stella is the JFK Student Council Vice President. Though only in high school, Stella is best described as an old soul. She’s always a loyal friend whose nature is to see the good in every situation. That is until her best friend Chad starts dating Madison Peters.

Veronica is the daughter of an auto mechanic who rides a Harley. That might explain Veronica’s preference for leather pants and biker boots to more conventional high school attire. Charmingly naïve she is the nicest girl you will ever meet. That is unless you get on her bad side… as someone is about to find out.

A natural born leader, ultra confident and independent thinking Mo is immune to peer-pressure. Mo is going to be a hip-hop star and nobody can convince her otherwise. Thus, when the idea of entering a talent contest is proposed and seems totally un-cool to the other girls, Mo jumps at the opportunity to perform without hesitation.

Popular, pretty and preppie London is strictly A-list at JFK High. The captain of cheerleaders and the homecoming queen has grown accustomed to getting what she wants. What London wants however is Jake Roberts and Jake seems to have other ideas. Senior year is certainly turning out different than London ever imagined!

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