Groovy Tuesday isn’t just the newest girl group on the block. It’s a genre-bending pop collective that takes the best elements of live concert performance and musical theatre, and rolls them all into a delicious pop music treat.

Groovy Tuesday has been called a modern day “Spice Girls”. While we consider this a great compliment, it’s only partially true. The part that resonates as “on target” is that both the Spice Girls and Groovy Tuesday are character driven. Both groups were cast from professional talent pools. Both groups management teams left no stone unturned when it came to employing top pop song writers, producers, vocal coaches, choreographers and stylists. Ask any tween girl who grew up with the Spice Girls who their “favorite” was, they will answer without hesitation. Usually they will also tell you who their least favorite was as well! This is important. Both opinions are good. Indifference is what you want to avoid. A deeper understanding will usually reveal that their favorite group member is the one they most identify with. The key is through the eyes of the fans, the group members need to appear as “larger than life”. While the most successful boy bands also need to be talented, few would argue the key component in a boy band’s success is “their cuteness factor”. This doesn’t work with girl groups. Through the eyes of their fans Groovy Tuesday and The Spice Girls are the equivalent of “super heroes for boys”. With that said, when casting Groovy Tuesday, the prospective talent pool shrinks considerably when you take into account that each member needs to be a superior singer, dancer, and actress that can portray one of the unique personalities that comprise the group. And yet excelling at singing, dancing and acting is just the beginning. To be a member of Groovy Tuesday we look for charisma or the “it factor” that separates great from special. Finally, the members of Groovy Tuesday, need a dedicated work ethic. So the formula is amazing charismatic talented triple threat girls, great songs with lyrics that speak to tweens, sparkling choreography and superior styling.

While being compared to a billion dollar brand like the Spice Girls is flattering, Groovy Tuesday is also quite different. The Spice Girls underlying theme was “Girl Power”. Groovy Tuesday takes on social issues that are more topical for the current generation of tweens. The overriding theme of Groovy Tuesday is “individuality and anti-bullying”. The group’s motif is: “It’s what you is-not what you isn’t.” In the Groovy Tuesday pop anthem: “Where you Belong”, those words are repeated in each chorus.

Groovy Tuesday stands out as a group of girls who aren’t afraid to mix it up. What binds Veronica, Stella, Sydney, Mo and London is also what makes something huge out of the sum of their individual parts; each girl represents a distinct fashion flair and personal style. On their debut album Groovy Tuesday turns all of the day-to-day stuff of teen life into tasty pop anthems. But that album will be just the first chapter of an unfolding multimedia story. Fans will find that there’s a lot to learn about the group, its stories and the ways to interact with the five diverse personas of Veronica, Stella, Sydney, Mo and London.

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