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All for One Media Corp.’s primary business objective is to create content and branded entertainment through a variety of vertically integrated platforms including Movies, Television, Music and Merchandising. Our unique “Branded Entertainment Model” utilizes both traditional mainstream media and social media to distribute our content. We are focused on exploiting what is now commonly referred to as the “tween” market, consisting of children between the ages of eight to fourteen years old. Commonly referred to as Generation I (for Internet), todays tweens are the most technologically savvy consumers in our history. All For One Media intends to create content that has multiple revenue streams to market to this group. 

In the 3Q 2018 the Company intends to release Crazy For The Boys, a full-length motion picture that was filmed on location this past summer. Crazy for the Boys will be the first movie in history designed to launch a major new pop group. Not only will All For One Media generate revenue from movie ticket sales, but also it will capitalize on live performance revenues, merchandising, music streaming, and video on demand. The girl group called “Drama Drama’s” debut album will be the Soundtrack from the Motion Picture. It contains 14 original exemplary pop songs written and recorded with multi-platinum Producers. Scheduled for release in 2Q 2019 is a music documentary chronicling the rise and fall of the boys band Dream Street. The company owns all of the original Dream Street master recordings and over 1000 hours of broadcast quality “never before seen” video footage including the original auditions, rehearsals, recording sessions and rabid fan reactions. The Dream Street story chronicles the improbable rise of five boys from humble beginnings as they go from performing in shopping malls to arenas, Despite debuting with an album that reached Number 1 on the Billboard Charts, greed and legal battles destroyed a promising future for the band. In conjunction with the release of the documentary, All For One Media will embark on launching a new Boy Band beginning with a nationwide talent search utilizing the All For One Media Creative team of Casting Directors, Choreographers, Vocal Coaches and Producers.

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