All For One Media plans on launching the new girl group “Drama Drama” through the movie Crazy For The Boys. The movie centers around the formation and rise of the group Drama Drama.

Michelle Defraites

Starring As “Sydney”

Amelia Demilo

Starring As “Stella”

Ana Golja

Starring As “London”

Carlye Tamaren

Starring As “Veronica”


Starring As “Mo”

Drama Drama

Straight from the silver screen and the full-length motion picture “Crazy for the Boys” comes Drama Drama. Drama Drama isn’t just the newest girl group on the block. It’s a genre-bending pop collective that takes the best elements of live concert performance and musical theatre and rolls them all into a delicious pop music treat. The overriding theme of Drama Drama is “individuality and anti-bullying”.

Drama Drama stands out as a group of girls who aren’t afraid to mix it up. What binds Veronica, Stella, Sydney, Mo, and London is also what makes something huge out of the sum of their individual parts; each girl represents a distinct fashion flair and personal style. On their debut album Drama Drama turns all of the day-to-day stuff of teen life into tasty pop anthems. But that album, will be just the first chapter of an unfolding multimedia story. Fans will find that there’s a lot to learn about the group, its stories and the ways to interact with the five diverse personas of Veronica, Stella, Sydney, Mo, and London.

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AFOM’s first major motion picture, Crazy for the Boys introduces Drama Drama’s five female group members as characters and reveals how and why they unite to form a pop group. The story unfolds as the girls strive to stay together and create music despite the day-to-day drama of teenage high school life. As a marketing vehicle, the movie exemplifies the Company’s strategy of creating content that can be marketed to create multiple revenue sources. In essence, the movie Crazy for the Boys is a “modern-day Grease” as well as a 100-minute commercial to introduce the pop group Drama Drama, and at the same time, providing the Company revenues from domestic and international box office, video on demand, soundtrack, music streaming, live performances, and merchandising. Crazy for the Boys is a movie based on the fictionalized back-story of the five girls who comprise the group Drama Drama. It is the perfect teen “coming of age” dramedy completely capturing the nuances of High School: teen angst, unrequited love, the mean popular girl, and peer pressure. Crazy for the Boys contains an anti-bullying theme that will deliver a message that

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